Hospitality Hiring Crisis? Employers Should Look In The Mirror.

Jamie McIlhatton
4 min readFeb 23, 2022
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I was brought up on the notion that you can’t have gaps in your CV; having too many jobs isn’t a good thing, whether you like it or not, you have to stay in each job for at least a year, otherwise you become ‘unemployable’.

I never really bought into it! Now I’m going through A LOT of CVs and organising interviews, I’ve come to realise I was half right to doubt those attitudes.

Yes, loyalty & reliability are important; but what if that person just had boundaries? They were able to make the decision to move on if they weren’t being respected. They weren’t willing to settle on a job unless it helped them to grow.

These attitudes sound very much like relationships don’t they? and we often champion those who are selective with who they date/marry. A career is arguably more intense than a relationship, we certainly offer it more of our time.

let’s switch this around. Maybe, our approach as employers needs to be “How can I create a work environment that this person (who clearly has the skills) will want to remain loyal to?”, rather than “this person isn’t worth employing unless they commit unconditionally to me”.

How can we expect anyone to commit unconditionally to us without being self-reflective enough to identify the flaws in how we treat employees?

I think it’s healthy for employers to sometimes take a step back and take full responsibility for creating a space to allow people to grow. Especially at the moment, whilst it is SO difficult to employ and build a team.

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So, why are people still unlikely to view Hospitality as a ‘career’?

Traditional notions I don’t buy into.

1. Hospitality isn’t a career.

2. High staff turnover is just the nature of hospitality.

This acceptance that hospitality is just a stepping stone, allows for poor treatment of people. It allows this feeling that staff are replaceable, thus worsening workplace treatment. Employers justify…

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