Quiet Quitting: Dear Owners. You’re better than that.

Jamie McIlhatton
6 min readNov 12, 2022
Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

One thing I can’t stand about modern society, is the creation of soundbites that turn into character boxes. Terms like ‘Woke’ or ‘Lefty’; if we adopt any similar perspectives to other members of these imaginary groups, we get thrown into said box.

It’s a really clever tool used by the media to polarise and encourage division. The British government right now love it, as did Trump; they lap up that kind of Populism. They don’t like the grey, murky in-between; the centre ground. They don’t want you to take both sides into account and be, well, logical.

The latest annoying soundbite to come to my attention (I’m probably late to the party as usual), is ‘Quiet Quitting’. Urgh. *Already rolling my eyes*.

What is a Quiet Quitter?

Well, if we believe the articles and the headlines, it describes someone who turns up to work and does the bare minimum, unless they’re paid more. This evokes a lot of anger and labelling of younger generations as lazy and entitled. The irony is, the immediate adoption of these soundbites, with no critical thinking is the epitome of laziness. However, I digress.

As is usually the case with these soundbites, there isn’t actually a definition…Because that would require it to be a real term. So, let’s try and break it…



Jamie McIlhatton

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